Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm here

So the moving went smoothly... well... as smoothly as moving can be ;) My new city is absolutely gorgeous. The weather has been wonderful and people are just lying on blankets in the parks and under the trees... the trees! let me tell you, this city if full of trees and who wouldn't love that. My work is going ok so far, a few bumps in the road but overall I'm doing fine. And the moving alone and on my own? I really like it. Sure, I have to do shopping, laundry, cooking, paying bills and rent and whatever, but it's not really that bad. I go to work by bike and enjoy the fresh air and the parks (gosh, I sound so cheesy right now).

What's missing so far is... some company. In a few weeks some of my colleagues from back home will move here to work with me so I'll know a few people then, but for now I'm pretty much on my own. Now if you know me (and by now you probably know me a little bit) I can be happy all by my lonesome :) but I installed a very.... interesting (?) app a few days ago. Oh, the wonders of technology. It's called "Grindr" and determines your position by GPS, then lists guys in your vicinity that want to a)meet b)talk c)hook up d)all of the above.
I was a bit hesitant, but thought I pretty much couldn't lose anything (but my dignity... oh who are we kidding... ;). So I'm online and I see a cute guy that is located.... 0m from me. I still think my GPS is a bit funky, because... he's not in my apartment and I don't think he lives above or below me, but still very near. We talked a bit and he seems kinda nice... you can't really tell after a few messages. We'll skype soon.

I still think it's so weird that I have been basically shut off from the world for so long and now I live here and *bam* meet someone. I mean, it'll probably lead to nothing, but still it's a contact.

0m away from me.