Saturday, 9 June 2012

You don't choose your life. Your life chooses you.

I don't know if that's a real saying and too lazy to google, but if not - well now it is.

I have always felt like you can control what you do, you can choose how you dress, you can dye your hair...
but the really important stuff. The stuff that really matters... you can't choose that. It chooses you.

Your talents, your opportunities in life. Who you are... that you can't choose.

I got distracted writing this entry for a few days and lost my chain of thought. Sorry about that

Aaaand now it's again one day later. I cannot get this entry right for the life of me. Who knows where this will end. Wouldn't it be kinda funny if this morphes into the best entry ever? I wonder what that would say about this blog in general...

And now it's 3 years later and I'll finally publish this. It's time.