Wednesday, 3 September 2008

If anybody told me what a struggle it would be to grow up...

I know that this is my second blog in one day, but bear with me...

This picture is me, 4 years ago. Did I change? Of course I did. Who is this person in the picture? What dreams did he have? Where did he see himself in 4 years time? In the place where I am now? No, he didn't. But then, isn't the point of the future that we don't know where we end up? What fun would it be, if we already knew where the path will lead us...

I thought about something tonight. Growing up is a painful, but necessary process. There is no doubt about it. However, do we have to change into a person that fulfills the characteristics of an "adult"? Do we have to like staying home all the time, being content with a life that's ok instead of awesome? How many grown-ups do you know, who still live life to the fullest? Who try and make the best of the time they have on this earth or on this very day? Who live intensively? Not many, I bet. And those that do, they aren't really called grown-ups or adults. They are laughed at, called childish, and told "grow up already".

In the end, these people are the ones laughing. They know that they tried. Maybe they failed. Maybe it didn't work out. Maybe... it wasn't meant to be. But they tried.

I want to become that kind of grown-up. 
I want to fail. 
To succeed. 
I want to try.

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