Sunday, 1 August 2010


What a week this has been, what a rare mood I'm in, well it's almost like being...

...totally f-ed.

See how I mixed and matched those two lyrics? Genius, ain't I. So this week has been mostly awful and I rarely say that. There's good in everyone and everything, but this week I had to look for it. I won't bore you with the details, but it involved among other things an unpleasant visit at the doctor's office and a really brutal car crash. Just to be clear, I was involved in both.

But let's start this BEDA off with some positive vibes. I did BEDA last year (2009) and I really enjoyed it. Of course, back then I had some BEDA buddies, but my faithful blog readers will suffice this time ;) There's something meditative about the way BEDA forces you to sit down at the end of each day and reflect on what you've done, what you thought about, who you met etc. It helps you get your life into perspective.

Oh yes, the positive vibes... let's see. I already got the pictures for my wall of photos, but still have to order the frames (Project milestone - check.). I might be involved in a very interesting project at work if I play my cards right. Which would be great, because these days I'm drowning in desk work without any real connection to my real work.

Yesterday, I went to my school reunion (10 years, good heavens) and it was rather pleasant. A good friend of mine said something along the lines of "I still see the people I like and if I haven't seen someone for 5 years there's a reason for that" and I partly agree with that. I still see many of my school friends on a regular basis, but still it's nice to catch up with people that moved away, married, had children, and children, and children, got divorced... I kid you not, all that happened to these people in the last years. I thought that I might feel a bit odd being out and gay and single and everything, but it wasn't awkward at all. If anything, some seemed to be jealous when I said that I like my new town but who knows where I'll be in a year. Could be Copenhagen, could be New York or Berlin. I'm open to everything.

People don't really change that much after you leave school. They get older, balder, fatter, whatever, but really they are still the same people. I feel like I change all the time. I never wake up the same person and that's one of the things I love about myself. Sure, I have traits that are constant, but everything else is like a shimmer of rainbow light :P My interests, what I do, projects, who I meet, I sometimes feel like the ADD poster hummingbird.

Every time I visit home, I realize that I miss it. "I miss the mountains" would be appropriate song lyrics here, even though they are only hills. But even if I miss my home, I appreciate being away. Seeing new things, new streets... new people. In the end, it's always about the people.

Like John Green said a few days ago. We're all the same. We're just some people looking desperately for a way to make a connection to other people.

After this rather profound statement I leave you with the best wishes for August and may it be full of BEDAs, even if Maureen Johnson, the BEDA queen herself, has announced not to take part due to reasons only she knows. Which is sad, because I love her blog immensely. Go check it out here.

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