Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Let's talk about how this picture came to be.

This picture has been taken by me on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago. It's a picture of the inner harbor of my city with water so clean you can swim in it.

On the Friday before, a few colleagues of mine said they wanted to go out, explore the city. The weather was beautiful. A hot, dry summer's day and you already knew the night would be the same. I went with it and said I'd meet them down by the lake. Once down there, I didn't see anyone. Well... that's not completely true, I saw about 1000 other people, but not my friends. After a phone call I knew why, the meeting had been postponed for about an hour. Great. I went back home by bike and didn't feel like going out again.

When I came home, a very good friend of the family called me. I had pestered my parents for a while to call her, because I always loved her and she had been very sick the last few years. So after she heard how I had my parents call her to check up, she was moved and called me to chat. It was quite lovely, she's an amazing woman, an artist doing ceramics.

Anyway, I decided to try again to meet my friends at this place here:

We sat there and talked for a while, then went to a Biergarten and from there to a pub/club. This portion of the evening I'll leave out, because the best thing to be said about the club was that they played the Spice Girls, while the worst was that they played the Backstreet Boys. Twice. Oh yes.

Anyway, by then it was about 1-2am and a few of us (me and 2 friends) went to go looking for a club we've heard of. I had had a little bit to drink and felt a bit spinny... so after biking through the city we found the club. It was an industrial hall with the sound of minimal techno busting through the air. It was glorious (mainly because I had my ear plugs with me). We danced for a few hours and then decided to go home when the sun started to come up and shine through the broken down fa├žade of the building we were in. So we started our journey back. Saturday morning, about 6am, sun is rising... it's really warm and we bike through the town only inhabited by people too awake to go home.

Then I took this picture.

So now you know.

If you want my advice, do something irresponsible once in a while. Something crazy. Go to broken down clubs. Stay up all night. Watch the sun rise with friends. Be young, no matter how old you are.

If you read till here, I adore you.

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drew said...

There is something strangely wonderful watching the sun rise when you haven't slept the night before.