Friday, 22 May 2009

Just because I'm gone, doesn't mean I'm not here

The internet is a place without the necessary limitations of time and space. I'm in Berlin now, but for all you know, I could be at home, in Timbuktu, looking at the tower of Pisa, whatever. I could post this now or let it be scheduled to post it tomorrow. I could write it today and post it in a month or have written it a month ago and post it today. The result for you would be exactly the same, it being this article (?) blog post. I love the possibility of bending time and space in the virtual realm.

So I am in Berlin now (see pic above ;) and it's great. I mean... it took forever to get here due to full highways etc, but I'm here now and that's what counts. Currently I'm at my sister's and my parents are also here, we will meet my aunt and 2 cousins tomorrow evening for dinner, it will be a new kind of reunion in Berlin ;)

Here, you can still feel the 45 years of separation everywhere you go. In the old and rotten buildings that still stand here and there, in the historic places where little signs remind you that this was the place where someone got shot for wanting to get out of a country. It already seems like ages ago, but it's not. Only 20 years ago, people were not allowed to live their lives as they saw fit in our modern society. No matter what people try to think nowadays, no matter what films try to tell you about the DDR, it was a dictatorship. And no matter how much we might complain that we have to build up 2 countries at once, because 45 years of socialism brought one half to ecological disaster and economical bancruptcy, we are still very, very happy that our country is whole again. The younger people can't remember how the country looked like on the map when it was divided and maybe that's for the best? We're not supposed to think in the terms "west" and "east" anymore, but most of the people >25 still do. We will grow together again, but it will take time. No 45 years, but time.

In other news, I saw the first episode of "Glee" yesterday and I was enthralled by the campness and the one-liners. Will it be the show with the best actors, arcs, special effects? Definitely not. Will it provide entertainment with musical songs and concious campness? Oh yes. I'm a sucker for fun entertainment, but let's be honest. Who isn't.

I could just keep writing and writing, because I tend to jump from one topic to the next and just keep babbling, but I'll stop now ;)

I'll talk to you guys soon and take care.

Lyrics of the day: Oats we sow by Gregory and the Hawk.

Someday i'll toss all your presents
And bury the letters left unsent
Cause it's bad to do what's easy
Just cause it's easy
And i wanna do what pleases me but i can't

The road, she'd roll round the side of the mountain
With nowhere to go
But the heart, we know, 
When it's needin' it's careenin' toward bein' alone

Someday i'll find the mind to mend it
And make dry these eyes i've gotten wet
Cause it's bad to do what's easy just cause it's easy
I wanna do what pleases me but i can't

The crow, he'd mow half the grass on the knoll
With nowhere to go
But the heart, we know, 
When it's lovin' it's leanin' toward bein' alone

The oats we sow, 
They could seed on forever with nowhere to grow
But the heart, we know, 
When it's askin' it's exact twin it will not be alone

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