Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oh boy.

I have actually many things to tell you, but I don't know if I have the energy to write them all ;) or at least not in a text that I'd like (you) to read. I'll try anyway.

I just stubbed my big toe and it hurts now. Wait... that's actually not that interesting.

Today, I drove 4.5h to the northwest just to take a look at a building. Or rather some rooms in that building. That took an hour. I am home now and spent about 9-10h in a car just to look at empty rooms. Ok... that's totally not that interesting either. Not for me and not for you.

Now let's come to one of the more interesting parts. I took my first diving lesson on Wednesday and I loved it. But let me start at the very beginning (a really good place to start ;). I drove to the sports building of my uni for the first time and it was like right from a movie. I drove there, looked up, and there it was. All concrete, 70ies build, looked like a jail or an asylum that got deserted 10 years ago. Completely grown-in by vines and trees way up on a hill looking over the city. I was a bit frightened. And not only because I was going to do physical excercise.
I got my passport for the sememster, which was easy enough.
I was sitting there and waiting for the course to start and had some time to look at all the people taking classes in the centre. There were way more guys than girls (I guess guys like sports more than girls do?) and let me tell you something: It's one thing to wear comfortable clothes when doing sports, but when you're walking around, anything that allows you to jog in, stretch in, sweat in, roll in the mud in, without worries - is not acceptable.
After carrying the equipment down, we had to shower to prepare for the lesson. Now I would love to look at the other guys during showertime, I mean I don't get much nude time with guys as it is, but without glasses it's not really much fun. I can hardly see shapes and I can't see hard shapes, so what's the point. And also we got divided into 2 groups and the other one has all the cute guys. Yeah well... what can you do.
After showering, we learned how to use the equipent etc, interesting stuff. Diving is so much fun. One thing about me: I have a weird (and a bit fatal) trust in technology. I just took the mouthpiece, went under and breathed. Some were nervous, some were afraid. Some were cautios and tried it over the water. I just put it in my mouth and went down (that's what he said!). This trust will probably get me in trouble or hurt one day...

Then a very funny theory lesson (not) and by then I was sleepwalking... I had been up for 15h and it was just a lot. After the practical lesson: showertime again :) I seem like a pervert now, but there's something very nice about early-20ies guys. Sue me if you wish to. I tumbled to my car and got home somehow. Next day: wake up at 5am? Sure thing.

So how pretty is the picture I just took? The moon is sooo bright it's like a small sun. I love nights like these.

I hope you're allright and I'll see you soon.

Lyrics: Hope by slut.

hope that I can make it as it comes.
hope that I can make it like the other ones.
hope, I'm getting used to what I see.
hope, I'm getting used and get in touch with what I feel.
hope and wait to undergo,
what I just didn't want to know.
hope, that I will never break and fade.
hope, to show my face again
and get in touch with all of them.
hope, that I will make it everyday...
oh everyday...
I hope, that I can take away
a little piece of yesterday.
hope, that I will never break away.
hope to show my face again
and get in touch with you again.
hope, that I wil make it everyday...
oh everyday...
oh everyday...

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