Saturday, 17 January 2009

Complex simplicity

I got to thinking today.... Humans are pretty complex creatures, but in their core really simple. I mean, what do we really want. Really, really want. We want to be happy. To love and be loved. I think that's about it. Some might say we want power. Or money. Or money to gain power... but I think they are mistaken. Those people just think that with power comes happiness. Some screwed up people might think that with money comes love.

We have these really simple needs. Everybody can love/be loved. We need nothing for that. We can do that without any special abilities. Without intelligence or genius. We can do that from our first day on this earth and although we might seem to forget that we can.......

Now. People are complex. How do these complexities arouse from simple needs? I think it's dishonesty with ourselves that puts us in these predicaments. We tell ourselves things that aren't true.
We say that we want stuff we don't need or want. We say that we have to do stuff we don't want or have to do. We say that we like people we don't really like in the absurd notion that this would make them like us and thereby make our lives better.

I could write pages and pages about the tragedy of everyday life and its connection to dishonesty, but I won't.

All I want to tell you is this: If you are aware of the simple things that make us human, it might be simpler than you think to a) achieve them and b) simplify your complex life.

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