Monday, 19 January 2009


I'm a bit embarrassed to say... I can't wait for the new iLife '09. I really need a good iPhoto (I only have iPhoto 6 on my desktop) because my 5000 pics are not loading the way I'd like them to and I can't wait for the Facebook and Flickr interaction. I would like to use Facebook more and an organized Flickr account would also be nice.

Is it wrong to be excited about something like a new software version? I don't really care ;)

As we are on the topic... I'm also looking forward to MacOSX Snow Leopard, Starcraft2, and some more :)

I would love to change my online life as well.... less videos, more blogs, less covering songs, more writing my own. Maybe write some stories? Put some photos on Flickr? We will see what time will bring.


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