Sunday, 25 January 2009

Well... I had to start some time

I have decided to write a song. Just for myself for now :) Maybe, if it goes well, I'll record it and put it on YouTube.

I have most of the melody, still need some harmonies.

The lyrics (for now) are as follows... please do insult me, if they are too awful.

- Midnight in Antarctica

Reflections on ice
Shivering cold
Deep and dark waters

Land by itself
All on my own
Quieting heart

Winds turn to storms
Stars bright and near
Pure and protected

Death closer than life
Beauty in stills
Last of the olds

Never left you
Never missed you
More than right now
Always been here
Constant abstracts
Fragile as snow

Darkness in white
End of a world
Beginning of mine now

Away from the noise
Emptiness screams
Into crystallized air.

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