Tuesday, 28 April 2009

BEDA 28 - Time flies...

... but does the world really change? This picture is from 1964 and was taken near the village where my ancestors come from. If you go there now, it looks quite the same. Fields, forests, people going to church on Sundays. Time is a human invention, not one of the physical world. We invented time to bring order to our lives, to explain why things change.

In old greece, they said "panta rhei". Which basically means that nothing ever is the same. Even if it might seem like it.

But underneath all that change that's going on all the time. Everywhere. With everyone....

... everything really stays the same in the bigger context. Life is like an ellipse. Like a frequence. Like a wavering pulse of energy. It might change, but the essence stays the same. And in the end... it's the essence of life that counts, right?

My head is spinning, so I won't try to dive into that topic any further. Take care and enjoy the last few days of blog every day April ;)

Lyrics of the day are so sad and beautiful - it's a true emo pleasure ;)

There’s a light bulb dangling from string
It’s slowly swaying up over my head now
As I jot down the words that’ll never be sung
And wait for my headache to numb
And the wind sounds as if the world’s sighing
And the moon’s just a torn fingernail
As the TV flickers and hums by the wall
And I wait for my eyesight to fade

So, So, So
It’s so damn slow
So, So, So
It’s so damn slow

And the bright-eyed choke on ambition
And the old folks circle their graves
And the young ones are busy destroying their names
And you’re still just wasting away.
I sit and watch the screen for a message
Some kinda sign that says we’re OK
But the screen stays blank till I turn the thing off
And wait for my conscience to break.

So, So, So
It’s so damn slow
So, So, So
It’s so damn slow

I hope you’re learning to listen
And I hope you’re learning to stay
And I hope you find what you’re missing
And I hope that you’re making you’re way
I’m a headcase if I don’t keep moving
And my head hurts if I don’t sit still
It’s an itch that I’ll never stop scratching
It’s a hole that I’ll never quite fill


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