Saturday, 11 April 2009

Differences and similarities

As you might know, I have been doing vlog every day april (and will continue doing it). That means that I spend a few precious minutes of my day on making a more or less entertaining video. Less entertaining if I look at today's contribution. It means that I talk about what's going on in my life, some anecdote, or where I am (I've found a liking for filming outdoors).

That's the same as with my blog. Here, I write things I think about, things that happen to me, I wish for, I dislike etc.

The differences are also very clear. Here, I write. Which means
a) you cannot possibly know that I'm not a native speaker (no accent in written form ;) at least I hope so).
b) I'm much more concise and precise in what I want to convey
c) I have a different audience
d) I feel more at home in written form and, therefore, can write about things I could never talk about.

So you see... as much as there are similarities between vlogging and blogging, between my YouTube account and this blogger account, there are actually many more differences.

This also means that I will not neglect this blog anymore... many days without an entry. How could I.

The picture above was taken in Portugal (one of my many favourite countries :). I sometimes dream myself to Lisbon when my life tries to get me down.

I hope you are all well and take care of yourselves :) This was just a small update, I might talk about something a bit more substantial later on. Or tomorrow :) Who knows.

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