Sunday, 31 August 2008

There's a place for us

Boy, am I getting old or what...

I was out last night at the post CSD party and it was a lot of fun :) However, 4-5h of sleep are not really what I'm used to nowadays, so I lie here under these lilacs bushes/trees in the picture and daydream the day away listening to music.

This has become my favourite Sunday activity. I feel like I aged 40 years just by typing that...

Today is the last day of August (the last month of summer) and tomorrow will be the meteorological beginning of autumn. I wish you could smell the falling leaves of the Katsura tree, like caramel cookies growing on a tree.

The next few weeks will be very exhausting and the weeks after that as well. My next break will (hopefully) be somewhere in November, so I'll sleep the day away, dreaming of somehow, some day, somewhere.

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