Monday, 9 March 2009


It's not like we can go out into the wild these days and have adventures. The forests hold few secrets and the hills are safe. And what's a safe adventure... adventure always incorporates danger.
Our world is civilized. Cultured. Primed. Forced into our way of thinking and of living. We don't let it breathe for itself anymore. We have become the prominent force on this planet and we plan to keep it that way... I digress from what I wanted to say.

The true adventures for us these days lie in the connection with other people. We get to know new people, make new friends. We take our old friends and re-explore them. We re-invent ourselves. We take off to another country or another town and learn to live our new lives with old and new people.

I am afraid of sharks.
I am way more afraid to go up to this cute guy and ask him if he would like to get something to drink sometime. That's where the adventures of our time lie.
I am afraid of heights.
I am way way more afraid to change my life. To let the old stuff go and start anew. This is where the challenges of our time lie. In us. Noone can challenge you like you can challenge yourself. Nothing is as frightening as opening yourself up to another person. Open yourself up to the possibility of rejection. Ridicule. Fist fights...

The worst thing is that you know you have to do it alone. There might be others to help you, but in the end, you have to go your own way. Learn life's lessons the hard way and the only way possible. Alone.

In other news... I looked at some of my videos and they make me laugh. I am so awkward on camera. I'm not funny, most of the time I don't even make sense... and it's kind of fitting and kind of sad, because on the one hand, my brain is a mess, but on the other hand, this mess has beautiful structures underneath. I have some things to say, but the only way they come out right is in written form. Writing is my way of expression. It has always been that way. I'm not a very good composer or painter, but I know how to write. I might concentrate on that from now on. I will keep on making videos, because I have so much fun making them, but I don't really expect them to improve anymore :)

I hope you people have a nice evening, I will spend tomorrow with friends visiting from Japan. Should be fun.

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