Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Home sweet home.

I was born a house cat. I am most comfortable at home and if necessary, I can stay here for days. Reading, drinking tea, meditating, doing yoga, napping, listening to music, making music.
I feel totally safe here. Far away from the worries of the world.

I do, however, would like to have someone with me here :) I'm not lonely. Really. I would just love to explore more sides of my personality. Explore someone other than myself. Figuratively speaking.... you dirty minds. I would like to get to know someone completely and maybe, maybe find someone who would like to know me. My whole self.

It might be wrong to seek companionship. Love. Due to intellectual curiosity. But love is worth it. Right? Just because it hurts so much when it ends, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for it. Right?

It's a bit stupid and pointless, really. I would like to have a family. A husband. Children. A dog? A house with a nice garden. It's stupid, because in my mind - I'm normal. And my mind makes plans and thinks and then after a while, I remember that society still thinks I'm not normal.

In a way, it's actually quite healthy. I'm totally ok with myself. In my self-image, I'm normal. I'm ok. I never cared about what others think, but when they want to tell me what to do, I get cranky.

I'm ok. Really, I'm fine. Just not finished. Not completed. I still have to learn many things about others. About life and about myself. This post reads like an ad. I'm sorry about that.

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This is beautiful.