Thursday, 12 March 2009


Clocks pretend that there's a continuency of time. That every second of every day is the same length. I never liked physics too much... it's not in my nature to explain why the sky is blue or why water feels wet. Don't tell anyone, because that's not something a good scientist would say.

Time for me (and I guess for most people) is fluent. Sometimes, it runs, sometimes, it crawls. I have the feeling that my life is running away from me in a fast pace. I spent the last... 20 years learning, developing skills, preparing myself. But for what? For what John Green calls "The great perhaps". I just want to live and experience life in all its colours. I hope that everyone wants to do that, but I'm not 100% sure.

Today, I realized that im just not that interested in what's happening. My mom always judges me because I'm not interested in the news. In what's going on. The truth is that I'm only interested in why some things happen. Why something is going on. I don't need to know that person A did something B. I just want to know, why. Story of my life.

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