Thursday, 11 December 2008

It's around that time...

Why do I always post at 11pm? Oh yeah. Right. Because I'm terribly tired, but just don't want to go to bed.

Today I thought about a problem with 2 parts: My love life.

Part I: I am romantic at heart. I believe that I will find someone. You will ask what's the problem with that? The problem is that I got kind of picky... I just don't want to settle on someone who is allright instead of someone who makes me weak in the knees. And no, I did not mean it like that.

Part II: I am a misanthrope. I don't like clubs, I rarely enjoy pubs, I try to avoid aggregations of human beings. The problem here is that I don't really meet a lot of new people AND the problem is that a guy who could be right for me also doesn't like to go out where many people are.

You might say: Well if you find a guy in the middle of nowhere and he is just right, then you can rightly assume that it's fate. Great. Just rub it in won't you?

Now we come to the third part of the problem (I know I said there are 2, but the 3rd is kind of a result of the other 2). It has worked before. And that's the main catch. How can I rationally tell my brain and my character traits to change when it has worked before?

Of course, the chance of that happening again are very slim, but I'd rather make great new friends and talk to people and be happy doing that than being with someone just to be with someone. That wouldn't be fair to him and it would kill me. Let's face it, that's the main reason. I'm selfish that way.

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