Sunday, 14 December 2008

Perfection... or lack thereof.

Ok... so I tried to record my talent entry for YouTube's symphony orchestra today. And I tried for over an hour to record my 5 minutes, but no such luck. I messed up. Everytime.

Sometimes I would press a key, but the sound would be a bit too soft. Or I played a wrong note. Or held one note a bit too long. Or too short. Sometimes I varied the tempo too much. Or I was too fast altogether...

Normally, I don't mind a bit of imperfection. It was (when my piano playing was concerned) always good enough. Never perfect, but good enough. I never practiced enough to play without flaws. Looking back, if I had done that I would probably be a conductor now and not a scientist, but life leads us different ways than what we might expect at one point or another...

I ended up deleting all the footage and might try again tomorrow... I swore to myself. This time. This time! THIS TIME!!! I will only submit my video, if I'm 100% content with it. Not one mistake. Not one tempo wrong or volume or accent or legato. Not one. Or I will not submit.

I might end up not submitting anything, but you have to start someplace to set some boundaries, right? They wouldn't take me anyway, if my performance is flawed, so I would submit for naught if it's not 100%. I don't even think I have a chance even if I'm at my 100%. There are some amazing piano players on YT. But we will see :)

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