Thursday, 18 December 2008

Partytime - Excellent.

Ugh. I'm sitting in my lab office waiting to go to the xmas party. I am so freaking tired and don't think for a second that this will be a 2-3h deal... nope. I will probably come home around 1-2am. If I'm lucky.

Don't get me wrong. I like my collegues, I have nothing against a nice Italian (dinner). Ouch - that pun hurt.

But to work for like 11h and then go to an official party for 6h? That's a bit much for me.

The point of xmas parties is also a bit lost on me as I don't drink alcohol, I am opinionated, and I have taste in music. Different taste - maybe. Taste nonetheless. And if I am really lucky, there will be a club attendance in my very near future.

On a much brighter note: I have 10 days off work from tomorrow on, so I can get into the xmas spirit. Xmas songs, comfy afternoons in my room with movies and tea and cookies and books and my computer and.... my family.

It's my grandma's 90th birthday next week, so that will be interesting.

Anyway... there is so much work that I could just keep on working, but what's the point of that? I have other goals for the next week. None of which include working if I can help it.

In other news, I decided to put another video gadget on my blog with my secondary channel. On this channel, I mainly just put on photo booth and start singing. I call these sessions "spontaneous creative outbursts" and I have fun with them :)

It is a bit insulting that my secondary channel still gets subscribers and subscribers whereas my primary stays in its comfort zone of 32. Meh. Doesn't matter really. Bye now and wish me luck.

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