Wednesday, 24 December 2008


So it's Christmas time again :) My family is in bed now and I will follow soon. For me, getting/giving presents is exhausting.
I got totally nice things and the rest of my family did, too, but that's not what I want to talk to you about.

This morning, I was in my favourite coffee bar and the owner told me something interesting. She said that in her opinion the advent time, the weeks before xmas, they are so full of stress, of shopping, of having not enough time to do it all.... that when all presents are open on xmas eve, the people realize that their problems are still there. That the world doesn't rotate around presents. That they put off their problems for the last few weeks with spending and hectic, but the problems are still there. And that's why there is so much depression after the holidays.

We try to sugar coat our lives when in reality, we should use this time to honestly reflect. To mend. To talk to people.

I often asked myself how much drugs and heartache people could avoid, if they talked more honestly with each other...

On a much happier note: Merry Christmas to all my blog readers :) I know that there are 2-3 of you out there...

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